There’s fireworks everywhere, in the economy, in the government and in your neighbour’s back garden but not on The Forest Rec again this year, but then again if you’ve had your pockets picked at Goose Fair you don’t really want to have them picked again I suppose. Every cloud and all that!


Here at Inter Recruitment we don’t pick your pockets, as a local business we understand the local economy and will not create fireworks in your budget. Our pricing structure is based on the reality of the current situation and not profiteering for large corporations. We are a SME that work within our means and not for the wealth of external far flung external shareholders. The Directors are very hands on to manage the business and your account to ensure that you get the best service that can be provided to allow you to grow your business whilst protecting and growing ours.


We are honest, reliable and available 24/7 and with an ongoing proactive recruitment policy always have staff available to cover any eventuality whether that be one person for a day, a large quantity of staff to complete an order or an important person to help grow your business on a permanent basis Inter Recruitment have the solution to solve that problem.


So if you have any staffing issues that need resolving or are looking for a new position yourself please contact us and you will be met with a friendly professional welcome and a successful resolution to your headache.