I think it’s fair to say that Summer has now come and gone, the nights are drawing in, it’s getting a bit chillier and the lawn mowers are about to be put away for another 6 months!


Here at Inter Recruitment we have had some interesting candidates over the Summer months, Bob Marley, Mohammed Ali, Keith Richards and Mack Jagger (sorry Mack, close but not close enough!) to name but a few. But here at Inter we treat everyone the same, whether you are a deceased Reggae legend, a deceased boxing great, or ageing rock stars, or you are Joe Smith from Nottingham, everyone is given the same attention and support in their quest for their ideal position.


Now that Summer has gone this is vital as we are now approaching the busiest time of year for the UK job market where the availability of quality and reliable staff is increasingly shrinking.


Through our relentless advertising and recruitment campaigns we have built up a bank of quality available staff across all industries and disciplines, however we know that if we do not treat them with respect they will no longer stay with us. SO WE DO!


This how we have built and grown our business through caring for our staff and communicating with our clients and it is what we will continue to do!