Yes Wimbledon is once again upon us. I'm no great tennis fan, football and cricket are more my bag but I do find something rather compelling about Wimbledon, not too sure if it's the tradition, the pomp or the eventual rather inevitable British failure. I'm not overly keen on cream either but I do love strawberries!

But with the backdrop of Wimbledon here at Inter Recruitment we continue to work hard for our clients and candidates alike, finding the best talent for our clients and the best career opportunities for our candidates. This at times can be very painstaking however is ultimately very rewarding when the perfect fit comes together and you not only help your clients find an individual or individuals to progress their business but you help your candidates find their ideal next step.

At Inter Recruitment we only put forward candidates that we feel are a good fit for both parties, we will not waste either side's time by selling up a position as this only causes frustration and annoyance as well as damaging our reputation which we proudly protect.

So if you are looking for a recruitment partner that will not waste your time please contact us for an honest and professional solution for any of your temporary, contract or permanent recruitment needs