Well, the weather is certainly getting colder, the festive lights are being switched on around the region and the Christmas markets have opened so I have to presume that we have REALLY STEPPING INTER CHRISTMAS NOW!


Here at Inter Recruitment the office is now fully decorated and we are certainly prepared for any eventuality that may occur over the forthcoming month.


1 - We have increased our recruitment emphasis accordingly to cover all skill sets in all industries throughout the region to ensure that we can meet any and every emergency requirements.   


2 – We continue to operate on a full 24/7 basis so that we are always available for both our clients and candidates to contact us whenever they may need us.


3 – All of our candidates are contacted regularly to ascertain their availability for work and are put on stand-by should they be needed at any time.


Everyone hopes that such eventualities never happen, however, I think that we have all learned over the past 18 plus months to always expect the unexpected. Should this be the situation please contact us at any time and our team will strive to alleviate any predicaments that you may have.


In the meantime Happy Christmas from all at Inter Recruitment!