It only happens every 4 years and once again The World Cup is upon us. Beers will be drunk, flags flown, shirts worn and thankfully none of those hideously annoying vuvuzelas in what I expect to be a very strange atmosphere in a very strange location with abysmal human rights issues, but then again, money talks I suppose!


Here at Inter Recruitment we take human rights issues beyond seriously and partner with Stronger Together to ensure that there are no issues within our business. We have witnessed in a previous life a gang of Slovakians coming into our office to register and on checking their registration forms they all had to same bank details, those of the so called ‘leader'. On confronting him he said ‘They call me The Boss' we told him ‘We don't and would you kindly leave'. We spoke to the rest individually explaining the situation and asked them to come back when they had their own bank accounts. Strangely enough we never saw them again!


Unfortunately this practice is still rife however we do everything within our powers to dispel them, not only to protect the innocent but to protect our business and yours from such harmful practices.


Inter Recruitment are an ethical business and business partner and should you wish to envelope these ideals within your business, which I'm sure you already do, please contact us for any of your recruitment enquiries and we can work with these ethics together.