Today is officially the second birthday of Inter Recruitment, incorporated on 21st May 2021.

Post covid the world had changed especially with regards to the working environment and attitudes to work in general. To compound this the effect of Brexit had properly kicked in and a once abundant reliable and skilled workforce was no longer there and the days of plucking 50 people out of thin air through networking within communities had long gone, this was to be a challenge that Directors Angela and Nigel Burton with their cumulative 50 years of experience within recruitment were to confront head on.

So once incorporated the task to get up and running got underway. Premises secured, HMRC registered, logo designed by our good friends at Ovy Design, payroll and invoice financing sourced, website address and design completed, time to go. These things take time and in post covid Britain communication was still difficult. Zoom meetings, telephone calls and emails were the only form available but The Directors got on with it and were soon ready to hit the market.

Then the bombshell hit! We were initially called Intel Recruitment which had not been taken at Companies House so we registered it unbeknown to us that The Intel Corporation in Silicon Valley were watching and a letter from their solicitors appeared. It transpired that The Intel Corporation have the word ‘Intel' trademarked on every single classification at Companies House and we had to change the name with immediate effect or face legal action. On checking their accounts their turnover was in the billions so they could probably afford better lawyers than us so a change of name it was going to be. So Intel became Inter, one letter changed and much easier for corrections to the website and to date we have not received any letters from Milan nor Miami!

Well that was then and this is now and 2 years down the line we have an established brand running 6 separate divisions, Industrial, Logistics, Commercial, Construction, Engineering and print, a solid loyal client base and a lot of happy candidates. So if you are looking for that next move or an experienced friendly recruitment partner contact us today and bring on year3!