Well February certainly made us shiver with every paper we delivered, bad news on the doorstep, bless you Don! And heaven forbid can we please have some good news but sadly a lot of things are out of our control on a macro level however those within a micro level we can affect and control.


Here at Inter Recruitment we are more than aware of the pressures affecting business, the economy and the World in general however we are also aware that on a micro level we can do something to counter the pressures that confront us and diversification has been the key issue to us. As such we have created two new divisions in Inter Engineering and Inter Print to source the finest talent within these sectors to add to our already established brands of Inter Industrial, Inter Construction, Inter Logistics and Inter Commercial. These two new divisions will adopt the same professional proactive approach and quality levels associated with the existing brands but with a greater concentration on the diversity of roles within the sectors.


So if you have any recruitment needs for any permanent, contract or temporary roles across our portfolio of brands or are looking for a new position please do not hesitate to contact us and you will always be met with a professional and personal welcome and a guarantee that we will do everything that we can do to come to a successful resolution.