Cats, marmite maybe but a fine epitome of what can be achieved with a bit of love, affection, training and in the case of these 2 food!. These are the 2 little rescue kittens that we as Directors of Inter Recruitment took on, looking scared and not knowing where their lives were going but we decided that we could give them a loving home and I like to think we have and 18 months later we have 2 beautiful, affectionate and loving little black cats who are having the most wonderful time, they do like to fight with each other mind!


The analogy here? A lot of people need a chance, a lot of good qualified people have struggled post covid and have been struck out on the scrapheap not knowing their destiny, looking for their next home. We have had so many applicants with an imperfect cv post pandemic that have struggled to get back into their chosen career or trade due to no fault of their own and have had to take positions which are far from ideal for them, however we always ‘vet' them through their previous employment so we know their qualities and capabilities.


To get the perfect ‘hits the ground running' candidate is obviously ideal however that hidden gem is always out there with the right attitude and attributes, they just need a good polish! Our 2 little ones came with the basic skills (they were litter trained for a start!) but with a little bit of input and training they are now integral to our future. So if you are in a position to offer additional training or input or maybe just have the ability to eek out the potential in someone please contact us as we are always willing to negotiate on rates and you could have the next Fred and George!