Whether you’re a football fan or not you can’t fail to have heard the story that local Nottingham lad Steve Hodge has received in excess of £7 million when Diego Maradona’s shirt worn in the infamous ‘Hand of God’ game was auctioned at Sotherby’s, a shirt acquired whilst swapping shirts after the game. I’m sure that Steve said something like ‘Please can I have your shirt Diego I think you are a footballing genius’ as opposed to ‘Give us ya shirt you dirty cheat’, or something along those lines, which everybody else in England was thinking at the time, and his respect will be rewarded accordingly! There is an omen to this story…..IT PAYS TO BE NICE!


Here at Inter Recruitment we adopt the same policy. ALL candidates that apply for any of our vacancies are contacted regardless of their suitability, and if they are unsuitable are told firstly why and secondly that they will be placed onto our database and contacted when a more suitable opportunity arises, which they are. We also offer careers guidance as to what courses or experiences could help them with their future prospects using our own personal experience of working within the industry. Whilst working for us they are treated with respect, always paid correctly and on time whilst any grievances they may have are listened to and acted upon accordingly. By doing this we like to think that we have a cared for and thus motivated workforce who like working for us and feel empowered, a benefit passed onto our clients through their hard work and commitment as opposed to moaning about their agency and not being paid correctly or not at all.


Within business we all know that people are our greatest asset and if we treat them correctly they will perform and deliver results for us, if we don’t the results are less predictable.


The simple moral is, IT PAYS TO BE NICE!