Well we all expected showers. and we’ve certainly had a few, but there are some serious thunderstorms in the economy this year with rising energy costs, rising petrol costs and the rising cost of living/business in general. Obviously the cost of employment is not exempt from these increases. The National Living Wage has risen from £8.91 per hour to £9.50 per hour, an increase of 59p or 6.6%, whilst Employers National Insurance Class 1 has risen from 13.8% to 15.05% an increase of 9%. This will inevitably have a large effect on the cost of employment for all concerned in the labour market, on top of the increasing difficulty in attracting good quality candidates within a very testing economy.


Here at Inter Recruitment we recognise that these additional costs have to be absorbed, however we have taken an Executive decision that whilst our charges will have to increase to incorporate the direct cost of employment our margins will remain static and will not increase exponentially but will be a FIXED FIGURE IN MONETARY TERMS and NOT A PERCENTAGE INCREASE and we will absorb the increased costs that we incur through the funding of the business at a higher rate of turnover.


We like to work with a policy of openness and integrity and during these difficult times find it totally unethical to profiteer from changes in legislation by increasing charges on a percentage basis which will invariably increase costs to yourself by a disproportionate amount to those increases incurred.


The service features that we offer not only remain the same but have been enhanced to include some new improved aspects. We have also been on a vast recruitment drive which has given us a very large pool of available staff across all levels and sectors so hopefully should you have any temporary or permanent recruitment needs or indeed you are looking for a new position you would consider us as a viable and ethical business partner.